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how much can The Original Hurling Earl™ Drinking Pitcher Mug hold?

T.O.H.E. is quite the drinker and can hold as much as his pitcher belly will allow, which is usually 32 ounces.  He likes to keep it all for himself, but occassionally chooses to share amoungst friends.  He often takes trips to The Original Hurling Earl Toilet, aka "the oval office", and leaves 16 ounces worth of regret.

is The Original Hurling Earl™ a drinking pitcher or a mug?

Both!!  For those who are willing to split, it becomes a sharable 32 ounce drinking pitcher for all, but for that 1 special EARL, it's a personal drinking mug and a roundtrip to HURL and back!!

is The Original Hurling Earl™ dishwasher safe?

Yes, T.O.H.E. is made out of high quality ceramic, food grade material and ​is safe for dishwashing, however, for optimal usage, hand washing is recommended.

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